Thorong-La Pass, Nepal (Annapurna Circuit)

Thorong-La Pass, Nepal (Annapurna Circuit)

More than just a milestone, this is a sign post to an accomplishment unimagined before witnessed. The flags draped, a humble testament to all the stories that weaved their way to a single point in space for a chance to glimpse all of space within themselves. A spotlight on the challenges of before and after, and their roles on the stage of overcoming. The whispers of what it took to get here have no ears to evoke the true meaning of their utterances. A plateau in form, but a new basin, an empty valley of potential waiting to be filled with new accomplishments. The narrow channel by which one can slip out of the body, and with the right intention, sneak past fear to numb doubt before a safe return.  Transparent clarity exists here in every melting white crystal. Clarity so undeniable that even the air thins in the presence of its message, leaving lungs no choice but to be breath-taken. 

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